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Simulator trains locomotive engineers (Jan, 1966)

Things have progressed a bit since this.

Simulator trains locomotive engineers

Color movies on the windshield of a mock-up locomotive cab help British Railways train engineers to drive on a newly electrified line between London and Manchester. Simulated speeds up to 100 m.p.h, are controlled by hand throttle and brakes at the engineer’s side. The electronically operated cab, hung in a frame, is tilted by hydraulic jacks to show acceleration, braking, sway, and banking.

Taped sound effects include wheel-rail clicking, trolley splutter, brake roar and squeal, motor noise, cooling fans, and vacuum pumps. Volume increases when the locomotive “races” through stations and under bridges.

Learn to Fly—Right on Ground (Apr, 1934)

Learn to Fly—Right on Ground

A RECENTLY developed machine gives actual flying instruction to beginning aviators when a coin is placed in the slot.

A small plane is fixed within a glass cage, which is also a miniature wind tunnel. The plane is controlled by regulation joystick, rudder pedals and throttle handled by the embryo pilot seated just in front of the apparatus.