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If you want to see one of these in action, just head over to London.


Generating over 1500° of heat, this sun-powered kiln will produce new and unusual fusing effects.

By D. S. Halacy

ONE of many unusual tasks the sun did at the recent Solar Symposium in Phoenix, Arizona, was the firing of enameled jewelry in a “solar kiln.” Far from being a mere stunt, the kiln turned out three hundred blue and gold enameled pins for the officials, and dozens of earrings, cuff-links, necklaces and other jewelry. Designed and made by the Phoenix Fine Arts Association, the jewelry, called “Solar Wrought,” brought fancy prices as something unique in jewelry. Yet the idea is simple enough that anyone can easily build his own kiln and fire similar items.

Voltage of Sunset Is Large (May, 1930)

Don’t you need a source and drain to have a current? What are they in this case?

Voltage of Sunset Is Large
THE electric voltage of a sunset is 2000 volts higher than of a sunrise. Day and night three vast electric currents, like rapid tidal floods, rush around the spinning earth in layers of the air 80 or 90 miles above the ground.

Noted Scientists Grapple with Food and Fuel Famine (Apr, 1923)

Noted Scientists Grapple with Food and Fuel Famine

Search for Secret Process by which Plants Harness Enormous Energy of Sunlight

By Thomas Elway

THE coal and oil supply of the , world is rapidly being used up. What shall we do when it is gone?

Practical men have been asking themselves that question for a decade, and now the scientists of America have decided to answer it. They realize that a solution must be found, or civilization will perish.


Well, he wasn’t misquoted. According to wikipedia he said:

“There is no likelihood man can ever tap the power of the atom. The glib supposition of utilizing atomic energy when our coal has run out is a completely unscientific Utopian dream, a childish bug-a-boo. Nature has introduced a few fool-proof devices into the great majority of elements that constitute the bulk of the world, and they have no energy to give up in the process of disintegration.” – 1928 at the Chemists’ Club (New York)

He also got the first Physics Ph.D from Columbia and discovered the mass and charge of the electron, which won him the Nobel prize in 1923 so I guess we can cut him a little slack.


OPINIONS of some natural scientists that man will some day be able to break down atoms and derive power from the energy contained within them were given a set-back recently when Dr. Robert A. Millikan, famous physicist, declared that experiments led him to believe that man will never have any other source of energy than the sun. Radiation from Old Sol is the source of all energy now used by man.