Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park) (Aug, 1956)

Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park)

Offering the unique advantage of electronic speed coupled with unrivalled accuracy, it’s no wonder that the General Electric Company installed the Remington Rand Univac at their modern Appliance Park, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Univac makes possible new insight into all phases of G-E’s major appliance operations. Management decisions can be made with a degree of precision never before obtainable.

Operation Thinking Cap (Dec, 1954)

Operation Thinking Cap

It takes more than a slide rule alone, these days, to perform the computations necessary for scientific problems such as those encountered in atmospheric research. The scientist of today, equipped with modern data-gathering devices, is faced with a stupendous data-reduction task which requires extremely high speed computation. That’s why the Univac Scientific electronic computing system (formerly known as the ERA 1103) has proven to be invaluable to scientists and engineers alike.

Doubling Univac’s Speed! (Sep, 1955)

Doubling Univac’s Speed!

The famous Univac of Remington Rand has widened even further its lead over other electronic business computing systems. Univac is still the only completely self-checked system… the only one which can read, write, and compute simultaneously without extra equipment. And now, the Univac II adds to these superior features the speed of a magnetic-core memory.

Perfecting Tomorrow’s Turbines (Mar, 1955)

Perfecting Tomorrow’s Turbines

Many complex and intricate computations are required to evaluate test cell runs … to design turbines with ever-increasing efficiency of performance. Univac Scientific is the ideal electronic computing system for the task. It can easily accomplish these feats of mathematics — and solve the many problems encountered in data reduction, compressor off-design, turbine off-design, wheel design and analysis, and engine performance.

sensational new “fact-power” unleashed by Remington Rand UNIVAC (Sep, 1952)

sensational new “fact-power” unleashed by Remington Rand UNIVAC

Yesterday, “impossible”… today, an accomplished fact —

Now, for the first time, a commercial or industrial firm can have — first thing any morning — complete facts and figures, analyzed and summarized, on its previous day’s performance … in production, in sales, in procurement or any other major or minor activity.

The almost unbelievable feats of Remington Rand Univac in computing, sorting, classifying and reporting business data enable management executives to formulate “fact-powered” decisions in the merest fraction of the time previously required. Also, highly pertinent analyses and forecasts that were never even attempted before, are now easy and almost completely automatic. Univac has cleared the way for phenomenal improvements
in the coordination of business facilities.

Ad: Computer Operation in Real-Time . . . (Mar, 1956)

Operation in Real-Time . . .
In the field of missile development, there’s only one commercially available digital computer capable of real-time performance — the famous Univac® Scientific. It’s the ideal system for flight simulation and for on-line data reduction. It solves complex problems from purely sensed data at speeds that are compatible with real-time control.

U.S. Steel & Univac (Nov, 1956)

U.S. Steel & Univac

United States Steel Corporation is another of the great American industries that have had the vision to realize the full benefits of Univac data-processing. For Univac, today, is providing U. S. Steel with the electronic management controls and procedures which are to revolutionize the business world of tomorrow.


Wow, this baby can hold over 120 bytes per inch!

saves 90% In storage and handling over punched cards

Remington Rand Univac Electronic Computers Now Make Available…

Reels of magnetic tape are utilized with remington rand electronic computer systems solving intricate computations for business, for industry, for science, for government. They operate at speeds that put facts at management’s fingertips with breathtaking rapidity. They give management today data which it formerly had to wait months to obtain.

Ad: Launching Tomorrow’s Satellite (Jan, 1956)

Launching Tomorrow’s Satellite
When the first man-made satellite is launched on its orbit around the earth, it will owe its existence to the thousands of missiles which have preceded it, and to the careful analysis of their patterns of flight. The Univac Scientific of Remington Rand has speeded this effort immeasurably, handling flight analyses for the nation’s guided missile program.
Each missile firing, each analysis, involves enormous amounts of in-flight data, with manual computations normally requiring from 250 to 500 hours. This staggering work load is accomplished by the Univac Scientific Electronic Computer in approximately 4 to 8 minutes.

Gauged To Perfection (Jan, 1955)

Gauged To Perfection

Perfection of the finished product requires precise control in the manufacture of jet fuel. Such control is vital in the refining of oil, as it is in most industries. And, with the coming of age of automation, the controls must not only be precise —they must also be supervised automatically.