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Photobooth – Up to $600 WEEKLY (Apr, 1946)

Up to $600 WEEKLY

with new 5 min. photo equipment. No experience necessary. Write:

Dept. K 1012 N.W. 17
Oklahoma City, Okla.

PHOTOMATIC the first machine to make photography simple, inexpensive — and PROFITABLE TO YOU! (Nov, 1936)

PHOTOMATIC the first machine to make photography simple, inexpensive — and PROFITABLE TO YOU!

Out of every 10c put in the Photomatic 4-1/2c goes into your pocket.

No Photography Experience Necessary

The customer inserts a dime—the Photomatic does the work. It produces a metal-framed, fade-proof, perfect picture, in less than one minute. The photograph has the cameo-like detail heretofore possible only in expensive, professional photographs.

Road Automat Saves Walk for Gas (Oct, 1930)

Road Automat Saves Walk for Gas

LATE hour motorists whose tanks run dry when they are out somewhere several miles from a filling station will find these new gas automats, shown in the photo below, which are being installed around Los Angeles as emergency stations, a great boon.

Astrology Goes Coin-In-The-Slot (Sep, 1935)

Astrology Goes Coin-In-The-Slot

THE ancient astrologists who spent weeks in studying the stars to cast a horoscope would be amazed at the 1935 electric coin-in-the-slot astrologer which delivers a forecast at the drop of a coin. To determine the supposed influence the stars will have on his life, the operator merely plugs in on his birth date. From the hundreds of cards within the highly intricate mechanism then selects a card corresponding to the date, promptly delivering it through a slot. Electricity is used in the operation of the mechanical astrologer.

A “Slot Machine Doctor”! (Dec, 1941)

A “Slot Machine Doctor”!

THE slot machine manufacturers will never stop until they have American life completely on a “coin-in-slot” basis, apparently. Now they’ve devised this machine. Strap your wrist to it, drop in a dime, and r6ad your blood pressure level and pulse rate.



THE IDEAL postal clerk who never gives five twos for two fives and never argues with patrons, is being tried out in the post-office in Washington, D. C. As might have been guessed, it is an automatic machine which dispenses stamps and makes change quickly without charge.

If the machine proves successful, it is probable that similar ones will be installed throughout the country by the government.

Mechanical Barroom Dispenses Drinks by Coin-in-Slot (Sep, 1931)

Mechanical Barroom Dispenses Drinks by Coin-in-Slot

AND now comes the mechanized barroom in the form of an automat that dispenses any liquor you may wish by simply inserting a coin in a slot. (Don’t get excited—it’s in Germany.) Displayed recently at the Great Fair in Leipzig, the device has a row of spigots fed by tanks containing all choice liquors of every vintage.

Glamour Comes To The Slot Machine (Jun, 1941)

Glamour Comes To The Slot Machine

Hollywood’s “juke box” movies open a brand new field for the amateur movie cameraman 1 THE lowly “juke box” is a thing to be despised no longer. In the best American tradition, it has gone from rags to riches all in one leap.

Cold Milk Sold by Slot Machine (Oct, 1930)

“Vendicator” is an awesome name. It sounds like “Hahah, this will be my revenge on everyone who laughed at my idea that a machine could sell milk!”

“Lacteal fluid” is possibly the most disgusting way to say milk ever.

Cold Milk Sold by Slot Machine

THIS mechanical cow, which has been christened “Vendicator,” dispenses half pint bottles of ice cold milk for either ten or fifteen cents. All one has to do is to drop the necessary coins in the slot, turn the handle, and the bottle of lacteal fluid makes its appearance at the proper opening.

ROBOTS That Work For A Coin (Nov, 1938)

That is a really large ice machine.

ROBOTS That Work For A Coin

PUT a coin in the slot and get your shoes shined, see a movie, pay the installment on the washing machine or get a scalp massage. There is hardly an amusement nor a personal service rendered mechanically that hasn’t been put on a coin-in-the-slot basis. Coin-operated pool tables and even fly-casting pools with metered illumination for evening use are among the latest applications, a few of which are shown on this page.