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IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper (Aug, 1945)

This, of course, took up a small corner of a page in the middle of a dozen page advertising section.

IT’S A CRIME to waste so much as a scrap of paper. Ten pounds of paper will make ten shell containers; ten pounds will make twenty blood plasma (have you given blood yet?) containers. Ten pounds of waste paper will furnish material for containers to hold 540 fifty-caliber tracer bullets. It’s important; turn in your waste paper today!



“Sea Otter,” Radically New Cargo Boat, Tested.

ONE of the “hush-hush” items of America’s defense effort is a radically new type of boat known as the “Sea Otter.” A one-third size model of the new boat is shown at the top. At right is a full-scale “Sea Otter,” showing its novel pointed prow. The propeller is just aft of the center of the ship. Powered with 16 six-cylinder automobile motors, “Sea Otters” can be turned out in two months, will be 270 feet long, carry 1,500 tons of cargo, and have a cruising range of 7,000 miles.



Bombardment Of America From The Air Is Going On All The Time! But It’s A Propaganda Raid, And Uncle Sam Is Now Beating It Off.

by Charles J. Vests

“U.S. DEFENDERS repel foreign air attack!”

You’d jump, wouldn’t you, if you found that headline in your morning paper. Yet it’s true, today and every day.

A constant bombardment rains down on our shores, a bombardment just as real and dangerous as though it were one of bombs dropped from planes. It is the airborne bombardment of radio propaganda, one of the deadliest weapons of modem war, accompanied by the sinister crackle of messages and instructions to saboteurs and spies.

Captain Marvel Troops for America! (Dec, 1941)

Apparently the only thing it takes to turn characterless, shiftless hillbillies into go-getting super soldiers is a proper diet and Jai Alai. Jai Alai, as any Mad Men viewer will tell you, is the sport of the future(video).

Captain Marvel Troops for America!

“Super Shock Troops” For The Army Will Soon Be In Action! Vitamins Are The Magic That Produce Them!

by W. M. Kimball

THE gray-clad ship moved into the quiet evening shadows of the secluded cove near Willapa Bay.

Three boats dropped from the davits. In each of them 20 men sat straight, alert on the thwarts. Purring motors beached the boats silently. The shadows were blackening, but the 60 men leaped ashore sure-footedly, their cat-eyes piercing the gloom. They were assured men—tall, lean, brown, certain of every movement.

An observer might have whistled in awe to look at them—and with good reason. For these were the United States Army’s “super-shock troops” going into action! The Captain Marvels of America!

“If I were twice as big” (Dec, 1942)

“If I were twice as big”

“Then I could give the public all the service it wants and take care of the war on top of that.

“But I can’t get bigger now because materials are needed for shooting. So I’m asking your help to make the most of what we have.

“Please don’t make Long Distance calls to centers of war activity unless they are vital. Leave the wires clear for war traffic.”


World’s Greatest Underground Fortifications Guard France (Feb, 1934)

Well, this pretty nicely sums up the fight in WWII on one page. France was building the Maginot line while Germany was building rockets.

World’s Greatest Underground Fortifications Guard France

INVISIBLE and sunk beneath the rolling and wooded terrain in Lorraine is a great underground fortification system, 200 miles long, guarding France’s vital industrial area.

The forts, which cost 150 million dollars, are the greatest in the world and defy attack by gas, infantry, artillery, or air bombs. Living quarters, magazines, power stations, and control stations are out of reach of all means of attack. Bulkheads in the underground passages shut out both gas and invaders and armored posts at various points bring additional protection.


This article is supposedly about German secret weapons, but really is a propaganda piece expounding on the superiority of American arms and engineering. My favorite quote is: “So far the Germans haven’t come through with anything approaching the new British-American jet-driven plane, which is already in production.”

As far as I know the Germans already had Me-262‘s in the field at this point. The the only American jet to be deployed in the war was the P-80 and by the end of hostilities in Europe, a grand total of 4 had made it to Europe.


by Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson

“Our new weapons,” says Admiral W. H. P. Blandy, “can be and are kept secret, except that the enemy receives hill knowledge of their effects.” Here, in a sober analysis. Mi’s military analyst debunks the Herrenvolk’s “secret weapon” scare.

OUT of the rumor factories of Stockholm, Bern, and Berlin come periodic threats of miracle-working Nazi “secret weapons” that will blast the Allies sky high and clinch the war overnight. Are they sheer bluff?

As this is being written, a hullabaloo is still raging in the press over the much-touted German “rocket bomb.” Dr. Goebbels himself, fanning the propaganda flames, has claimed that a whole British convoy was wiped out in the English Channel in a matter of minutes by murderous long-range rocket shells. He would have us believe that the entire North French coast is a solid mass of rocket batteries capable of lobbing 12-ton bombs over London, each one powerful enough to devastate 20 square miles.