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Last of the Big Yachts (Mar, 1950)

Gee, lucky for us the gilded age is is back with a vengeance.

Last of the Big Yachts

DURING the last generation every self-respecting millionaire in the land owned a yacht on which to entertain and sometimes even to cruise. Confronted 20 years ago with rising taxes and costs, the majority were quick to get rid of their boats.

When Royalty Goes to See (Sep, 1954)

When Royalty Goes to See

The stately yacht that carried the Royal Family home from abroad last year is fit for a queen.

Beautifully carved 1817 binnacle with its corners fashioned into four dolphins came from George Ill’s elegant yacht. Britannia’s bell it above it.

Queen Elizabeth and her husband the Duke of Edinburgh stand with their children on “saluting platform” to greet subjects at Valetta. Malta.