Tail of “Hot” Suit Serves as Entrance (Mar, 1954)

Tail of “Hot” Suit Serves as Entrance

A TECHNICIAN puts Oil this plastic protective suit by crawling into it through its fat “tail, ” which is connected to a port in the door. Used in radioactive areas at the Hanford plutonium factory, it stays inflated because air pressure inside the “hot” room is lower than pressure outside. This prevents any radioactive dust from leaking outside the room.

  1. jayessell says: June 21, 20084:56 am

    As seen in the motion picture “The Andromeda Strain”.

  2. Chewxy says: June 21, 20087:14 am

    They’ve got the movie version of Andromeda Strain?

  3. Daggerstab says: June 22, 20081:31 am

    I’ve seen this before… Yep, right here:


    (It was in my bookmarks because of the Andromeda Strain reference. :))

  4. Charlie says: June 22, 200811:58 am

    ds: Yup, I wasn’t sure. I’d felt like I’d posted it before, but the scripts I run to check said I hadn’t. Which makes sense because it’s the same image in a different article. A lot of times I can’t remember whether I posted something, or have just looked at the image and thought about posting it 🙂

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