Telescope Walking Stick (Feb, 1950)

Telescope Walking Stick
Hikers can spot faraway objects as they tramp with a walking stick which has a built-in telescope. Made in Japan, the telescope can be fitted to any stick to form the handle. It is pivoted across the top of the stick and easily adjusted to see through.

  1. Village Idiot says: September 15, 20073:22 am

    Makes objects that are 1000 meters away appear to be only 900 meters away! (After wiping your palm print off the lens, that is)

  2. jayessell says: September 15, 200710:09 am

    Charlie, about the cover?

    “Miracles you’ll see in the next 50 years”

    Have you printed that?
    Is that the one with the airport in the CENTER OF THE CITY!?!
    Is there any way to search past posts?
    Can you add a “Future/Prediction” category?
    (And recatagorize all the past articles as applicable?)

  3. jayessell says: September 15, 20074:04 pm

    Apparently it is.


  4. Charlie says: September 16, 200710:25 am

    Jay: This is the article:

    You can search using the search box on the left side or using google and telling it to search just this site. I’m planning on adding a way to see all the articles for one issue but it’s kind of a pain in the ass and I need to get time to write the code.

    I’ll see about adding that category, it’s sort of hard to go through all the old posts and find the ones that retroactively belong in a new category, though I do that sometimes. You might notice that I added a “Nautical” category this week.

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