A—Two-unit experimental portable television receiver gets a tryout on the beach at Steeplechase Park, Coney Island. Intended for use at picnics, beaches or on boats where power lines are not available, this set is operated with a separate portable power unit which may be seen behind the receiver. The 3-in. screen is located at upper right in the TV set. All controls are simplified and mounted on the front panel within .easy reach of the operator. Both units are housed in neat sheet-metal carrying cases

B—Interference filter for television sets consists of a “Teletrap” designed to eliminate spurious signals that result in lines, bars or other patterns that interfere with the clarity of TV images. It is claimed to eliminate signals coming from old-band FM and 6-meter “hams”

C—”All-Vue” lens made of Lucite, liquid filled and permanently sealed. Spherically designed for optical vision at any angle up to 180 deg., it employs a black collar to connect the picture tube with the lens which is prefocused. It enlarges the TV picture 2-1/2 times

D—Television filter designed to end eye fatigue and improve viewing conditions. It consists of a neat, clear plastic frame fitted with a highly polished sheet of amber Lumarith cellulose transparent material. A cord holds the frame over the TV receiver screen

E—TV receiver installed on rear of driver’s seat in taxicab provides entertainment for riders in a satisfactory Chicago test. The Motorola TV table-model set employs 6-volt tubes and a Mallory “vibrapack” for power supply. A special antenna was used to cover all TV channels

  1. Hirudinea says: August 10, 20117:55 am

    “New portable TV, only weighs 50 lbs!”

  2. TomLR says: August 10, 20119:19 am

    I feel skeptical that a TV tube of that day would be bright enough to be viewed on the beach…without a sunscreen similar to the drapes that early photographers huddled beneath to take their pictures.

  3. Charlene says: August 10, 20119:38 am

    I would be skeptical that anyone at the beach would want to watch TV, except that I first read this article this morning at the park on my iPad.

  4. GaryM says: August 10, 20119:48 am

    The first “portable” computers weren’t much less bulky than that.

  5. Hip2b2 says: August 11, 20113:28 am

    TomLR – I think you are right about the screen brightness, but a careful look at the artists sketch shows the TV viewing beach goers in the shade; obviously ahead of their time there as well (LOL).


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