Tenants Run Apartment Network (Jul, 1940)

This is so cool. I wish Les Paul would start a private radio station in my building!

Tenants Run Apartment Network
TO ENTERTAIN friends and neighbors in a New York apartment house, a group of professional radio performers operates a unique basement “broadcasting” station. Every Friday and Sunday evening, led by Les Paul and Earnie Newton, they go on the air from their homemade soundproof studio near the furnace room. Programs go to all the apartments through a two-wire ground and aerial system which had been built into the structure and previously never used. The control room is in a closet on the second floor. Frequently, “big-name” musicians drop in to lend a hand, and guest announcers whose voices are heard regularly on nation-wide hook-ups have fun taking turns at the basement microphone. Even “Static,” the apartment-house cat, occasionally goes on the air with amplified purrs and meows.

  1. Boing Boing says: September 14, 20067:42 am

    Les Paul’s private NYC apartment building radio station, 1940…

    This Popular Science article from July, 1940 tells how Les Paul and his neighbors would run a little “radio station” of their live performances through their New York apartment building — as the Modern Mechanix blogger says, “I wish Les Paul would …

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  3. The Click Heard Round the World says: September 14, 200611:19 am

    Les Paul’s bootleg apartment radio station / jam session from the 40s…

    Modern Mechanix blog has a cool re-print of Les Paul’s very bootleg radio station / jam session he set up in his apartment building in the 40s. The pictures are great, expecially Static the cat, who you can see after…

  4. Stannous says: September 14, 20067:58 pm

    Earnie Newton was a well-known 40s picker too, while not quite as famous as Les Paul, he wrote several country standards.
    There’s a pretty comprehensive Wikipedia article about Les Paul (This year at age 90 he won two Grammys)

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  6. MAKE: Blog says: September 24, 200610:51 am

    Tenants run apartment network…

    Apartment based radio station, from Popular Science 1940 – “TO ENTERTAIN friends and neighbors in a New York apartment house, a group of professional radio performers operates a unique basement “broadcasting” station. Every Friday and Sunday evenin…

  7. Chris Weeks says: February 27, 20111:40 pm

    Hello,I very much enjoyed this page about Les Paul and Booger Brothers radio.I may have an actual item from this era in the form of an 8 inch homeade disc with Les Pauls signiture etched into it and dated 3-7-1939.The disc is solid red with 4 holes in it and made by the wilcox-Gay company.I have included your link along with others in my hub-(blog)and your cover pic of Booger Brothers as well.It does show and signify that its from you and belongs to you.I hope this is alright.Your page has been a Godsend to me.I have been wondering about these 2 red discs since 1997.I thank you so very very much for this in a big way.I invite you to visit my hub to see for yourself.Any added info you could give me will be greatly appreciated.Thanks again.Very sincerely,Chris

  8. charlie carreras says: February 5, 20127:19 am

    I just saw this comment. We at the Mahwah Museum would love to know more about what you have – pictures etc. Go to our website at mahwahmuseum.org to see our current exhibit. We have the largest exhibit of things from and about Les Paul in our museum. Check it out and let me know what our think. Charlie Carreras

  9. mike stein says: February 5, 20123:29 pm

    post number 7 was a year ago. so, what was on the disc?

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