THE AMAZING NEW Man-From-Mars RADIO HAT (Oct, 1949)



Here’s the famous two-tube topper you’ve read about in LIFE. TIME, POPULAR SCIENCE, BUSINESS WEEK, and many other magazines and newspapers, coast-to-coast. Now, you too can own this wonderful “dream-come-true” radio hat. A perfect gift idea! Study these amazing features….
• Covers entire broadcast band within 20 mile radius • Set weighs 5 ozs., hat 7 ozs. • Conceals in lining 1/4 thick • Absolutely mobile…no extra aerial needed
• Volume and tone equal to many portables • Regulation waterproof sun helmet… adjustable size, comes in many colors

“Works fine” – Life Mag

At your local dealer, or fill out and mail coupon below:

AMERICAN MERRILEI – 918 Halsey St., B’klyn 33, N.Y.

  1. Toronto says: July 21, 20118:45 am

    I need this hat!

  2. John says: July 21, 20119:14 am

    Toronto » I agree. Look at the details…
    Maybe you could ask this guy to make you one…

    I didn’t realize until now that this item even has a Wikipedia entry…

  3. Simon J. says: July 21, 20119:33 am

    Hi, stuff like this is best scanned with a piece of black card / paper behind it – eliminates the print through from the other side.

  4. John Hattan says: July 21, 20119:37 am

    I love the glowing Life Magazine review.

  5. Charlene says: July 21, 201110:49 am

    Also comes in handy for eating guitars.

  6. C.H. says: July 21, 20112:45 pm

    Oooh boy! I agree with Toronto here. This should make for a great DIY project.

  7. C.H. says: July 21, 20112:51 pm

    … also found the Life article on the hat. The full quote reads “Two tube set plays fine but looks ridiculous”.

  8. John says: July 21, 20113:32 pm

    Here, I’ll post a link to the Life magazine article and everyone can enjoy the glowing review!…
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hirudinea says: July 21, 20113:45 pm

    Didn’t radiomen in the Indian Army use this thing? 🙂

  10. Mike says: July 21, 20113:52 pm

    “Regulation waterproof sun helmet”… but are the electronics water proof?

  11. Devak says: July 21, 20116:43 pm

    These are great. I cover mine with aluminum foil so that I do not get any government interference. Highly Recommended.

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