The Math Pony (May, 1934)

The Math Pony
A Dictionary of Numbers

Multiplication reduced to Addition— Division to Subtraction.

Has multiplied for you all products from 1 to 10,000. More accurate than a slide rule—simpler than a “log” table—easier to use than either. Save mental effort, eliminate multiplication errors, and conserve time. Never can become obsolete. Pays for itself in a few hours of use.

90,000 products—212 pages—sewed binding—opens flat. HEAVY PAPER COVER $1.00. ART FABRIKOID COVER (semiflexible) $1.50
THE MATH PONY PUBLISHING CO. Box 1810-B. Milwaukee. Wis.

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  1. quadibloc says: February 17, 20136:35 pm

    Google Books doesn’t have a preview, but the title it gives for the book gives the game away: it’s a table of 2x, 3x… to 9x all the numbers up to 10,000. So instead of a table of logarithms, it’s a times table that handles four digits at once.

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