The Perfect Day (Mar, 1922)

The Perfect Day

By Dr. Frank Crane

DR. EUGENE LYMAN FISK, Director of the Life Extension Institute, some time ago published a very interesting article in the daily papers in which he charted out a Perfect Day of Health.

As all of my readers may not have seen that article, I am taking the liberty of here passing on some of its main points and adding a few suggestions of my own.

For I find that people like to be told just exactly what to do rather than to be given a principle and required to work it out according to their own judgment.

Let us, therefore, take up a typical day and from a physical or health standpoint construct an ideal programme.

1. The first thing to do is to get up in time. Getting up is a matter of habit. And it is as easy to form the habit of getting up so that you will have plenty of time for your morning duties, as it is to form the habit of lying in bed so long that you have to gulp a cup of coffee and race for the train.

2. “Get up when you wake up,” was a rule of John Wesley’s, and it is a good one.

3. Give yourself an air bath. That is, take off all of your clothes and give your skin a chance to breathe. This will not make you catch cold, but will keep you from catching cold. The skin of most of us is too tender and sensitive and needs toughening.

4. Take your morning exercises vigorously for five or ten minutes while nude.

5. Take a bath, and, if possible, wind up with a cold shower. Follow this by a brisk rubbing down with a rough towel until your skin glows with warm reaction.

Of course, all this advice is for healthy people and implies that you mix it with common sense.

6. Clean your teeth thoroughly.

7. Drink a glass of cool water.

8. Dress in clothes that are not too heavy and are not tight. Wear nothing that pinches.

9. Eat breakfast leisurely. Also cheerfully. Do not quarrel at breakfast. Start the day with a note of joy.

10. Eat the kind of things and the amount of things that your intelligence tells you you need for breakfast, and not what you want. This applies to the other two meals of the day also. An animal or a savage may trust to the instincts. But a civilized man is too far away from his instincts and is compelled to use his intelligence.

1 1. Do not hurry on your way to the train. In fact, do not hurry at all. Hurry implies a certain deficiency in your plans.

12. When you begin your day’s work at the office or the store, first of all make out a programme for the day. Whether you stick to it literally or not, it is a good thing to have always in your mind, as it prevents confusion and worry.

13. Do not overeat at lunch. Make the lunch more a period of recreation and of rest than of feeding.

14. Whatever work you have to do, do it by the day. That is to say, do this day’s work the best you can and do not worry about the future, nor grumble about the past.

15. Go to bed at such an hour as will enable you to have eight hours’ good sleep before getting-up time.

Of course, there are very many other points that could be brought out. But probably these fifteen suggestions will help you to come a little closer to making every day of your life: A PERFECT DAY.

  1. Christoph says: January 10, 201110:30 pm

    Oooooh its just a perfect day.

  2. Stephen says: January 11, 20117:29 am

    The Victorians were also great admirers of the cold shower. Other than being a good way of shocking the sleepy into wakefulness, does it really have any health benefits?

  3. Charlene says: January 11, 20112:04 pm

    Stephen, no, but the overwhelming majority of Victorians didn’t own a shower. They didn’t become common in the UK until the 1970s.

    Sometimes I wonder who these gurus were preaching to.

  4. Mike says: January 11, 20114:25 pm

    I remember getting “A perfect day” in an email, it didn’t go anything like this, and was closer to what I would consider a perfect day.

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