The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question (Mar, 1922)

“Constipation is the curse of the American People. It is the cause of more fatal diseases than any other preventable ailment.”

For some reason I doubt that.

The Searchlight of Truth on the Food Question

Learn the Secret of Health From Alfred W. McCann’s Wonderful Book


The Most Precious Thing in the World

HEALTH is The Most Precious Thing In The World. Without it nothing else matters No amount of “Dieting” or “Exercise” can bring health to you if you are ignorant of the proper kinds of food to eat.

You may “diet” to reduce or gain weight; you may “exercise” to develop your physical powers; but unless you possess the secret of foods and their values you will never be free from the torments of disease. For nearly every disease can now be traced to the eating of wrong food. And nearly every disease can be treated by eating the right food.

In this remarkable book, Alfred W. McCann gives you the facts that will bring health to you as it has done to thousands of others who have profited by the knowledge acquired thru years of scientific research.

The Writer of This Advertisement

is one who owes his present health to the knowledge found in “The Science of Eating” I was suffering untold misery and embarrassment from a chronic case of gastritis and stubborn constipation. Large sums of money spent for doctor’s fees and medicine failed to bring relief. I was rapidly becoming a chronic invalid — a crank about foods, a worry to my family and a bore to my friends. My money and efforts had brought me no nearer to that robust health I so ardently desired. Then one day, in a skeptical mood, I paid $3 for a copy of “The Science of Eating.” The
knowledge that I obtained from this wonderful book worked as if by magic and today I would not part with that knowledge for a thousand dollars.

Improper Foods Breed Disease

In this great book, Alfred W. McCann proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Heart Disease, Diabetes, Colds, Catarrh, Rheumatism, Pyorrhea, Constipation, Cancer, High Blood Pressure and even Tuberculosis, besides hundreds of other diseases are caused by eating improper foods. Foods that are adulterated or over refined, instead of adding strength to your body and brain, actually poison your system so that with each mouthful you are literally digging your grave with your knife and fork. You owe it to yourself and family to get this remarkable book to-day.

The Curse of the American People

Constipation is the curse of the American People. It is the cause of more fatal diseases than any other preventable ailment. All the drugs in the world cannot cure constipation. They can only relieve it. Constipation is caused from eating refined and denatured food. The cure for constipation lies in the eating of pure foods—foods that are not refined and not denatured. By getting at the seat of the trouble, constipation can be cured in twenty-four hours. You can learn the Secret of Health, be freed from dreaded constipation and enjoy lasting vitality by reading and living by Alfred W. McCann’s wonderful book “The Science of Eating”.

Endorsed by Noted Physicians

Many of New York’s foremost physicians prescribe this book to their patients instead of issuing a useless prescription to the drug store. They know the truth and have the courage of their convictions.

A Healthy Body and Active Brain

You cannot gain success in life unless you possess a vigorous, healthy body and active brain. But a vigorous body and active brain cannot be purchased at the drugstore. Pills cannot put iron into your blood nor powders give you vitality. Iron must come from the food you eat. Certain foods contain iron and unless you eat those foods you cannot supply your blood with the precious element that it needs.


Dr. E. S. Coleman, professor Materia Medica, Flower Hospital, says: “Alfred W. McCann’s book constitutes the most important contribution of a hundred years to the literature of health and right living. There may be many good books to die by but here is the one great book to live by.”

Walter F. Palmer, director Vanderbilt University, says: “I have lived according to his principles and value the book as my greatest possession. I should like to present the whole world with copies.”

A Few of the 133 Chapters:
Health or Disease
Red Blood Depends on Food Medicines Added to Sugar and Starch
Getting the Child Started Denatured Foods Destroy Life Old at 25, Young at 60 The Human Body
Food Minerals Essential to Life
The Thyroid Gland—A Poison
Destroyer Digestibility and Indigestibility
Suspected Causes of Cancer Stunting the Growth of tlie Young
Maternity and Tuberculosis
Thin Haired Women — Bald
Headed Men Honey and Fruit
Infantile Paralysis
Iron and the Raisin
Refining Processes More Deadly than War
Preventable Tragedies of Milk and Meat
Anemia, Tuberculosis; Heart Disease
Ideally Balanced Menus

Get This Wonderful Book Today

If you would avoid the drug-store, if you would save hundreds of dollars ordinarily paid to physicians, if you would be spared the terrible suffering of disease, and save the enormous expense in health, money and opportunity that sickness incurs, do not hesitate another moment but send for this wonderful book today.


Worth Its Weight in Gold

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  1. Hirudinea says: August 17, 20124:23 pm

    Hey don’t laugh, in the late 19th an ear;y 20th century doctors know just two things for sure, 1) You had to have massive and frequent bowel movements every day or you’ed die and 2) Touching yourself would drive you insane and kill you.

  2. Toronto says: August 17, 20127:22 pm

    Like I give a sh*t.

  3. Hirudinea says: August 18, 20124:03 pm

    @ Toronto – Well if you’ed order this book you would.

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