THE STEREO Realist (Oct, 1952)


(the camera that puts 3rd dimension on film)

is preferred by people Who know picture taking and picture making

John Wayne and Nancy Olson say.

“Take it easy . . . with Stereo-REALIST. It is amazing how simple this camera is to operate. And it takes the most beautiful, true-to-life pictures we’ve ever seen.”

There’s no doubt about it—Stereo-realist takes the kind of pictures you’ve always wanted. They’re beautiful beyond description, with full, natural color and thrilling, realistic three dimensions.

What’s more, the Realist is so easy to use that people who never before owned a camera get outstanding pictures on their very first roll of film. It’s economical, too, producing 29 stereo pairs from a 36-exposure roll of 35 mm. film.

You have to see Realist pictures to fully appreciate their exciting beauty. Ask your camera dealer to show you some. Once you do, you’ll agree that the Realist is the ideal camera for your personal pleasure . . . and to use as a sales tool in your business. David White Company, 305 W. Court Street, Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin.

STEREO Realist


  1. Sonny Moon says: December 16, 20119:45 am

    It has three eyes–just like you!

  2. Jari says: December 16, 201110:24 am

    With their expressions being like “What the….”, I just wonder what’s in that picture they are looking at.

  3. John Savard says: December 16, 201111:25 am

    I’m glad to see this item here; it relates nicely to the earlier article


    to such an extent that this camera was mentioned (by me) in its comments.

  4. Mike says: December 16, 20116:05 pm

    Out there on the tubes are animated faux 3D images made with stereo pictures. You take the two stereo images and overlap them lining up the subject of the photo as best as possible. Create an animated gif of the two layers and use an 80 millisecond delay between layers. It produces a nice effect, especially if there is a decent distance between the subject and the background.
    After searching the web for a stereo images, I created the animation below showing the 3D effect. Unfortunately the free image hosting compresses the image slightly and it looses quality.

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