They answer that fine frenzy for things modern (Feb, 1931)

I have a set of aluminum chairs in my dining room and I love them. They are ridiculously light.

They answer that fine frenzy for things modern

On all sides you see it —the “metallic” In interior decoration, in lighting fixtures, and even in objects d’art. Alcoa Aluminum in its natural color is a keynote which bespeaks the new vogue. Chairs of Alcoa Aluminum quite naturally fit themselves into this modern scheme of things.

Their style is, however, only one of many splendid qualities. For, these chairs are made of the Strong Alloys of Alcoa Aluminum. They are feather-light. The frames are welded together with no glued joints or dowels.They just cannot wriggle, rack or shake apart—and this means forever and a day.

You can obtain Alcoa Aluminum Chairs in 3 natural aluminum or any other finishes; in any upholstery. There is a wide variety of styles for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and hospitals. Ask for literature on the type of chair which interests you. Address



  1. Jari says: March 28, 20112:08 pm

    Charlie: No cushion at all?? I myself have a chairs made of birch with teak colored veneer. So far no wriggling, racking or shaking apart. (Knocks wood)

  2. Charlie says: March 28, 20112:10 pm

    Nope, no cushion. I thought I might need them but they’re actually really comfortable.

  3. Jari says: March 28, 20113:10 pm

    I had the company meeting room chairs in mind. Even thought that they are made from plywood with thin cushion, they are really uncomfortable…

  4. Kosher Ham says: March 28, 20116:58 pm

    Aluminum is so passe– how about carbon fiber and beryllium? Actually the latter is unsuitable for mass consumption because it is toxic.

  5. tom says: March 29, 20117:55 am

    They’re pretty classic looking and still would look fine in the right home. In my early attic and Rooms to Go place they wouldn’t work too good.

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