Third Skate Lets You Coast Sitting Down (Sep, 1939)

Third Skate Lets You Coast Sitting Down

A third skate designed for use with a hockey stick has a long, handlelike extension provided with an adjustable saddle which permits the roller-skater to coast sitting down, as pictured in the photograph at the left. A built-in brake, operated by means of a convenient hand lever, enables the coaster to slow down or stop easily. The hockey stick can be removed for use.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: May 18, 20083:52 pm

    Of course, you’ve got to lug that metal-clad stick with you till you get to a hill where you can coast…

  2. rev pj says: May 18, 20087:40 pm

    Holding up a significant portion of your body weight with your arms isn’t exactly comfortable.

  3. Marie Diamond says: May 27, 20081:11 pm

    Anyone under 70 yrs of age probably never heard of the Hockey Stick Coaster. Those were the ‘good ole days’.

  4. Cole says: July 19, 200812:11 am

    I’d be worried about trying to stand back up!

  5. Alan says: January 6, 20118:15 am

    I have one; originally belonged to my dad. Wonder how many more are out there.

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