“This campaign strategy makes sense.” – “Because TV Guide matches our markets best” (Oct, 1961)

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“This campaign strategy makes sense.”

“Because TV Guide matches our markets best”

Successful campaigns depend upon how well your advertising investment parallels your market profile. TV Guide can offer you profitable selling advantages with both unique regional flexibility and creative uses of its pages. For America’s best-selling weekly magazine is also America’s most efficient and versatile marketing tool. Here are four diverse examples:

Hertz—Rent-A-Car promotion is geared to high-population centers. TV Guide regional editions (there are 62) fit right into this strategy. High-visibility advertisements in four editions support—and pin down in print —concentrated TV spot campaigns in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Miller High Life—Men, sports and refreshment go together. That’s why you’ll see “Enjoy your TV with Miller High Life” ads opposite regularly scheduled TV Guide sports features. Reason: the largest weekly primary male audience and the greatest number of beer-consuming households reached of all magazines.

Columbia Record Club—Regularly scheduled 4-color inserts take a straightforward mail-order approach. Contributing to the continuing success of this campaign are TV Guide’s mood of leisure and relaxed enjoyment and its vast primary audience of young marrieds (ages 18 to 34)—largest of all magazines.

Campana—Consistent campaigns for Italian Balm and Pursettes capitalize on the neat parallel between the distribution of its own products and TV Guide’s sales pattern: namely, 9 million primary women readers and over 3 million weekly sales in drug and food outlets nationwide.

Chances are you can profitably mesh the unusual flexibility of TV Guide with your own marketing strategies … and increase the productivity of your advertising dollars.


Best-selling weekly magazine in America … circulation over 7,250,000

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    Could you get any more “Mad Men”?

  2. Stephen says: September 5, 20125:14 am

    The only thing missing is a voluptuous secretary in a tight dress.

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