This Gun Replies to “Hands Up!” With Bullets (May, 1929)

This Gun Replies to “Hands Up!” With Bullets

IN THESE days of flying bullets and indiscriminate hold ups, the well dressed Chicagoan should wear a breast machine gun and armor vest such as is shown in the photo to the left. Samuel Schwarz recently invented these two pieces of equipment for every day wear. Instead of merely throwing up the hands when threatened by a hold up man the wearer can spray a stream of lead bullets in his face.

The strings that control the machine gun are held between the first and second finger of each hand. As the operator raises his hands and faces toward the gunman he can pull the string that controls the aim of the piece. When he has proper aim the other hand will pull the trigger.

  1. Charlene says: March 22, 201212:13 pm

    Because nobody ever raises their hands for any other reason than being robbed!

  2. fluffy says: March 22, 20121:31 pm

    What could possibly go wrong?

  3. Toronto says: March 22, 20123:50 pm

    Up in the sky!
    It’s a Bird!
    It’s a Plane!
    It’s !BLAM!


  4. uteseg says: March 22, 20124:44 pm

    Not only does the guy look like Kramer, his gadget looks like something Kramer would invent.


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