Time and Money-Saving Tools For Woman’s Workshop in Home (Apr, 1924)

Do you think you can still buy a mop made of swan skin?

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Time and Money-Saving Tools For Woman’s Workshop in Home

Tester Which Quickly Tells Whether Egg Is Good or Bad by Light Shining through Shell on Mirror that Can Be Seen through Hole in Base

Turning Any Vase into an Attractive, Portable, Electric Light Is Possible with an Adapter that Carries the Socket for the Lamp on a Patented Grip inside of the Neck

Filter and Mixer that Regulates Temperature of Water and May Be Used to Clean Bottles (Left) or Wash Dishes (Right), and Is Attached to Faucets with Rubber Elbows

All the Thrills of a Toboggan and Swing Are Combined in This “Whizzer” Designed to Keep Children at Play in Their Own Yard

Pocket Comb that Is Made in Two Sections, One with Fine Teeth and the Other with Coarse; when Open, It Extends Six Inches; after Being Folded, It Occupies Only Half This Space

Egg Beater for Making Mayonnaise Sauce with an Automatic Drip to Add the Oil as It Is Needed Without Touching with the Hands

To Insure Pure Drinking Water, a Simple Filter and Siphon Have Been Combined, the Flow Being Started by Bulb Pressure

Scissors with Detachable, Razor Steel Edged Blades Which, When Dull, May Be Replaced Quickly and Easily and at Trifling Cost

Sharpener for Fiber Phonograph Needles that Operates Without Removing the Points from the Tone Arm and at the Touch of a Lever

Fastener that Quickly Attaches Handle to Broom or Mop; This Permits the Use of Any Length of Stick So that Difficult Spots on the Walls or Ceiling May Be Reached; the Device Consists of Steel Jaws Operated by a Spring

Seat, Foot, Shower and Child’s Bath Combined in One Tub that Requires Less Water and Yet Provides Ample Space When Standing or Sitting

Steak Grill Attached to Handle that Is of Service with Gas Stoves; the Edges Are Curved to Catch the Meat Juice

Can Opener Especially Designed for Campers and Boy Scouts, that Can Be Folded Flat and Carried on a Key Ring

Portable Electric Heater that Can Be Hung in Closets or Cupboards or Used to Dry Laundry Air

Mop Made of Swan Skin with the Down Still on It that Is of Service in Cleaning Statuary

  1. Blurgle says: May 16, 20073:15 am

    At least once a month I see something on this blog that explains some random chunk of metal I inherited from my father. Today’s revelation is the can opener. I had thought it was some kind of box cutter.

  2. Caya says: May 16, 20076:49 am

    That bathtub seems kind of cool, but it looks like a recipe for accidents to me. It seems like it would be very easy to be standing on the top part and slip, and get injured. Eeesh.

    What really grosses me out is the mop made of “swan skin with the down still on”.

    The mayonnaise mixer looks good though, because while anybody can buy a jar of mayonnaise, it tastes better homemade, I’ve read. It is also difficult to make, and the oil has to be added drop by drop, carefully. This device would have been very useful, if it worked.

  3. Charlie says: May 16, 20079:39 am

    Yeah, I don’t really get how that shower would be useful. Where would you stand? In the deep part? Not much room.

    Also if you like the mayo mixer, you should check this out: http://www.kk.org/coolt…

  4. Stannous says: May 16, 20077:39 pm

    That can opener is called a P-38, issued to the military in WW2, still one of the best ever made:

    The water mixer is still available- we sell them at my hardware store. Popular for old-fashioned sinks with separate hot and cold faucets.

    And it’s supposed to be secret but Swiffers are really made from swan skin.

  5. Blurgle says: May 16, 200710:37 pm

    That shower actually looks dangerous to me. Imagine if you were standing in the upper part and slipped. And if you were supposed to stand in the lower part, it wouldn’t be the easiest thing to step into, especially for children, pregnant women, the elderly, etc.

    Then again, most people before the 1960s didn’t have showers. The bathtub was used for bathing, not for showering.

  6. William Potter says: July 22, 20098:16 pm

    Weird to see a Pre-WWII P-38 style can opener! Common folklore says the P38 was INVENTED in WWII but that thing looks alot like one!

  7. Firebrand38 says: July 22, 20098:30 pm

    William Potter: I’m sure that folklore got it wrong yet again.

  8. RBayard says: January 24, 20118:11 am

    Those can openers were still being issued to military personnel in the 60’s. I still have mine. They probably weren’t replaced until the Easy Open Can was invented.

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