Time and Money-Saving Tools for Women’s Workshop in Home (Jun, 1924)

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Time and Money-Saving Tools for Women’s Workshop in Home

When Garments Become Shiny, a Little Roller Set with Many Needles, Run over the Cloth, Gives It a New Nap

Below: Tray and Rack for Silver Protect Tablecloth and Provide Receptacle for Ashes

Without Marring the Woodwork or Drilling Holes, a Strong Steel Rubber-Tipped Clamp that Holds a Trapeze, Gymnasium Rings or Swing for the Children Can Be Set Up in a Few Moments in any Doorway; Below Is a Novel Duck-Shaped Bag for Carrying the Bathing Suit

Handles on Each Side Keep the Nursing Bottle from Rolling Away and Enable the Child to Hold It; Tape or Ribbon May Be Run through . Them and Tied to the Crib; Below Is a Strong Wire Tong Lifter for Taking Fruit Jars Out of Hot Water without Burning the Fingers

Electric Toaster Pictured Below, Is Shaped so that Crumbs Are Brushed Away Easily and Large Heating Coils Crisp Bread Quickly

First Dipped into Boiling Water, then Drawn Lightly over the Roll, this Saw-Tooth Curler Quickly Prepares Butter into Rose-Shaped Patties for Serving without Waste or Trouble

Magnetized Tips of Serviceable Spring Shears that Cut to the Ends of the Blades Are Useful in Picking Up Needles

When Broom Wears Out, New Filler Is Inserted Easily in this Aluminum Holder at Considerably Less Cost than a New Broom

Many Garments May Be Hung Neatly in Small Closet Space on Folding Steel Clothes Rack with Overlapping Hooks; Below: Picture Hook that Leaves No Holes; Point Is Broken Off and Left in Wall

Clearing Table and Washing Dishes Are Combined in One Easy Operation with Practical Machine on Roller Frame that Fits over Sink

Portable Washtub on Detachable Roller Legs with a Center Drain Pipe

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