Tiny Prompter for Public Speakers (Feb, 1932)

Tiny Prompter for Public Speakers

A PROMPTING device consisting of a reel of paper, on which notes are typed, contained in a case small enough to be held unseen in the palm of the hand, has been patented by a railway official who was embarrassed by lack of notes in making public addresses. A small wheel turned by the thumb operates the paper reel.

  1. Rick says: September 13, 20086:45 am

    Hmmm. That just gave me an idea for my iPod Touch.

  2. Toronto says: September 13, 20081:29 pm

    I think it’s the half-toning that really makes that look like an LCD screen. Cool find, Charlie.

  3. vilmar says: September 13, 20081:40 pm

    Maybe someone should give one of these to Obama.

  4. katey says: September 13, 200810:05 pm

    I don’t think that guy was embarrassed by his “lack of notes”… most likely he was embarrassed because of his inability to make a “public address” (sounds like something factual… not a stump speach( WITHOUT referring to notes.

    Also, I’ve heard that a similar system was used for driving directions, primarily for bus drivers.

  5. Anne says: September 15, 20084:49 pm

    I want one! So much cooler looking than the customary notecards. And doesn’t fail if you forget to charge batteries, like an iPod might. 🙂

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