Tips From Santa (Dec, 1947)

That is one scary looking, stereotype filled tree they’ve got there.

Tips From Santa
Santa says there’s no real Joy like making things with your hands. Let’s start with Christmas decorations.

WE HEARTILY agree with Santa. Making things with our own hands is one of those fundamental satisfactions in life— and it is one that our mass-production age has almost eliminated. This Christmas, if you want to add some real cheer to an event that has become far too commercial, try making your own yuletide decorations.

First, you’ll need a plentiful and varied supply of materials. Basic items include such household commonplaces as scissors, glue, paste, paper, cloth, pins—and whatever you can find on the pantry shelves. From there on the field is as wide as your ingenuity. Cotton comes in handy, and so do pipe cleaners, hardboiled eggs and a box of watercolors. The dining room table—with a sheet of oilcloth thrown over it—makes an excellent workbench.

More important than materials is an “instigator of activities.” You can take this post yourself.

Another good reason for becoming a handcraftsman this Christmas is that many of the old familiar little baubles have long since disappeared from the scene. Many of them came from the Central European countries which are still suffering from the ravages of war. But if you’ll turn the page you’ll have a pleasant surprise as to what can be accomplished right on the dining room table. We picked these eight colorful shots from 45 color films which included everything from a fat little bird made out of a powder puff to an owl whose head is a ping pong ball.

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