Tobacco Stained Teeth Instantly Whitened New Safe Way (Jun, 1924)

My 10 year old self can just imagine seeing the Blech-o-dent parodies in Mad magazine.

Tobacco Stained Teeth Instantly Whitened New Safe Way

No need now for yellow, discolored, spotted, tobacco-stained teeth. Bleachodent Combination costs just a few cents and removes unsightly stains in three minutes at home. Leaves teeth white, lustrous, clean and flashing. Recommended everywhere as quicker, surer, safer than old-fashioned scouring methods which injured the enamel. Bleachodent Combination contains a marvelous mild liquid to loosen stain coats and a special paste which not only removes them, but used daily prevents formation of new stains. Only a safe, mild preparation like Bleachodent Combination should be used on soft, sensitive teeth which stain and decay easily. Acts only on stains — not on enamel. Be sure to ask for Bleachodent Combination by its full name. Distributed by Bleachodent Dental Laboratories and sold by drug and department stores everywhere.

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