“Tomorrow’s” Gas Station (Nov, 1946)

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“Tomorrow’s” Gas Station
You may never drive up to a service station that looks exactly like this for it contains almost every attractive improvement with which seven of the biggest oil companies hope to lure customers away from each other when materials and labor are available. In addition to what you can see, most stations will have fluorescent lighting. Some will have transparent glass partitions.

  1. Jim Dunn says: August 28, 20077:24 am

    Somewhere in my Boxes O’ Accumulated Crap are a couple of pictures of a county bus maintenance facility (I think) in Mississippi. It’s not quite as newfangled as this place, but the general yellow, art deco feel is the same. I slammed on brakes and snapped a few pictures when I came across it on a business trip. Sorry, I can’t remember where I saw it. Any other MM readers seen the same place?

  2. Stannous says: August 28, 20077:39 am

    Pretty accurate today except for two glaring items:
    The guy pumping gas and the spotless restrooms.

  3. Johnny Doitall says: September 4, 200712:33 am

    For pictures, perhaps you can find on flickr.com with the tag “art deco” or “streamline” (quite a lot old garages)

  4. dick says: January 11, 20089:53 pm

    There is a more modern version of this same thing on Union TTurnpike about 5 blocks from where I live – same arrangement of bays and an inspection layout. There is even one of the pumps with an attendant. Of course the gas is $3.50/gal but not too far off what it is elsewhere. The service is not as good as it was then.

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