TRAIN at HOME for Electricity (Feb, 1930)

TRAIN at HOME for Electricity

The NEW Shop-Laboratory Way

Big Shop Laboratory Worth $60.00 without Extra Cost.

Aviation, Talking Movies, Radio, Super-Power, Television, Refrigeration, Lighting.

Need Electrically Trained Men

These new Electrical industries are sweeping the world. This is the Electrical Age! Big manufacturers are pleading for Electrically trained men. Salaries of $3,000 to 87,500 a year are common! Wonderful opportunities for advancement. Here is the field for you. Now is the time to start on the road that leads to increased pay and SUCCESS!

Train the Practical Way

Theory or books alone can never make you a Practical Electro-technician. Our new Homo Shop-Laboratory Method, with the patented Unit Board System brings the School right to your home. You learn by doing—by working on full sized equipment that is yours without extra cost. Behind your training is a fully established college—not a mere correspondence school. Recognized by the U.S. Government. Established 20 years. Over 25,000 graduates holding important Electrical positions all over the world.

Earn as You Learn

Cash in on your Electrical Training while you’re learning. Many students report increased earnings, advancement, even while studying. Train in your spare time at home. Employment Service renders FREE aid for life. Lifetime Consultation Service. Many exclusive features available nowhere else. Mail the coupon today for full particulars.

FREE 48-Page Book.

Send Coupon TODAY for illustrated 48-Page Book “Practical Electricity—the Key to Success”—and full details of Extension Division Training.

Extension Division. Dept. 44
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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