Trick Dog Gets Orders by Radio (Jun, 1939)

The dog fired a revolver? That’s one dexterous dog!

Trick Dog Gets Orders by Radio

BY TEACHING a dog to do tricks under “radio control,” Constable Denholm, of the Sydney, Australia, police force, has fulfilled a two-year-old ambition. In a recent demonstration, he strapped a miniature shortwave radio receiving set on the back of Zoe, an Alsatian police dog, and retired to a shack fifty yards away. Then he spoke commands into the microphone of a portable transmitter. In response to her master’s voice as it came through the ether, Zoe climbed up and down ladders, turned a faucet on and off, took off her collar, and fired a revolver.

  1. Githyanki says: January 21, 20083:56 am

    Why no pictures of the firing of the revolver? That sounds like the best part.

  2. CJ says: January 22, 20081:31 pm

    I’m baffled as to why today’s police dogs aren’t equipped with firearms.

  3. Alan J. Richer says: January 22, 20081:43 pm

    “I’m baffled as to why today’s police dogs aren’t equipped with firearms.”

    Dunno…would you want to be anywhere near a dog you might have to discipline who’s ARMED?

    I can picture the thought process…”He stuck my nose in that mess I made and yelled at me…, click, click…”



  4. andry says: May 7, 20092:17 pm

    LZOhBI comment6 ,

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