Tricycle Vender Solves Girl’s Unemployment Problem (Jul, 1931)

Tricycle Vender Solves Girl’s Unemployment Problem
UNABLE to find suitable employment in her profession as a typist, Miss Clara Cage, of Hollywood, discovered an unusual method of earning a living. She rigged up a tricycle as a delivery wagon and now delivers cartons of ice cream direct to consumers. During hot spells Miss Cage turns many a pretty penny by pedaling her way about the streets on her tricycle, which is shown in the photograph at the left. Along Hollywood boulevard, her favorite selling area, she attracts attention by her novel togs and vehicle.

  1. Don says: September 21, 200910:24 am

    I thought a girl was (in 1931) supposed to get married to solve her unemployment problem . . . .

  2. Stephen says: September 22, 20095:54 am

    It would be interesting if this was the first appearance of this idea. Certainly it spread to Britain before the war.

  3. Andrew Breza says: October 5, 20098:02 am

    I was curious so I did some research. Clara lived in LA and was unemployed during the 1930 census. She was born in 1909, which would make the lovely lady 22 years old in the photograph.

  4. B22 says: October 22, 20095:29 pm

    Apparently, ice cream tricycles were being used by Walls in London by 1923 — according to this site: http://www.edmundforte….

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