Upholster Your Dashboard in Leopard Skin (Sep, 1951)

Beautify your car with a dashboard upholstered in leopard, zebra, or ocelot. Cut to fit . . . easily installed in 15 minutes. Only $9.95. Order Now! State Year. Make, and Model. Send check or money order to:
WEINER PRODUCTS P. O. Box 31 Riverdale. Md.

  1. Stannous says: August 30, 20065:45 pm

    Mmmmm, ocelot!

    Another quality Weiner Product from Archie’s hometown…

  2. nlpnt says: June 25, 20088:18 am

    And the picture is upside down and backwards to boot! Or just upside down and the car’s right-hand-drive (Yeah, the leopard-skin dash is a factory option in Japan…)

  3. jayessell says: June 25, 200810:14 am

    Can I get gas and brake pedals with toes?

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