Urge Alcohol Gas for Farm Relief (Dec, 1933)

Origin of the ethanol lobby?

Urge Alcohol Gas for Farm Relief

FOR economic and technical reasons a mixture of alcohol and gasoline for automobile fuel is being recommended by farm relief advocates.

Use of the fuel by motorists would consume 680,000,000 bushels of corn a year, greatly reducing the crop surplus, it is said. The gasoline would be diluted with 10 per cent of alcohol. It is claimed the fuel results in greater power at considerably less cost.

Midwestern farmers, seeking adoption of the fuel, claim that it has a higher antiknock value, will start the motor more readily, give a faster pickup, form less carbon, will not increase oil dilution, and results in a cooler engine than ordinary gasoline.

The fuel, they say, uses a greater volume of air and burns more evenly in the cylinders.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: July 7, 20084:20 pm

    This may have made sense when there was a huge corn surplus, but I don’t think we have a surplus now. Probably the surplus was consumed by other uses of corn (e.g. sweetener).

    The article conveniently neglects to mention that ethanol has 20% lower energy than gasoline, so you actually get poorer MPG.

  2. Josef says: July 12, 20081:51 am

    Poorer MPG doesn’t mean it’s worse. The fuels probably cheaper, seeing as it’s taken from a surplus, and, on the subject of MPG, the Model T got upto 22 MPG, where as the 2003 Jeep Wrangler gets 17 MPG at its highest.

    It took 80 years of technological advances to get -5 MPG.

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