Vampires are sick, psychiatrists assert (Feb, 1965)

So if you have a blood fetish it means you’re gay? I would think it means you just get turned on by blood. A little unsafe and outside the norm perhaps, but certainly no stranger than being turned on by tentacle porn.

Vampires are sick, psychiatrists assert

Human vampires do exist, according to two Denver psychiatrists, Drs. Richard L. Vanden Bergh and John F. Kelly. Rather than being “the undead,” the vampires are mentally ill. In the Archives of General Psychiatry, the two psychiatrists reported rare cases in which vampirism, or sucking another person’s blood, was part of a pattern of homosexual behavior.

  1. Blurgle says: October 6, 20071:21 am

    Yes, because if you’re sexually aroused by blood, women must hold no interest whatsoever for you.

    (now imagining Bela Lugosi slash DO NOT WANT)

  2. YoungCthulhu says: October 14, 20074:04 am

    For an excellent book about this very subject read “Some of Your Blood” by Theodore Sturgeon.

    (Read anything you can get your hands on by Theodore Sturgeon, for that matter…)


  3. jill says: December 27, 20074:10 pm

    that aint true im a vamp and i love men i am truely turned on by blood but i aint gay and we aint sick

  4. Neil Russell says: December 27, 20079:12 pm

    That headline and story is right up there with “AIDS Created by US Government to Stop Vampires!!”

    And yes, Sturgeon is good, he wrote a novelization of the movie “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” that actually made sense!

  5. ahmed says: September 8, 20083:33 am

    hi dears , is that mean that the vampires are really found ??
    i mean b4 long age was ther any vampire ??
    cause i thought it was a lie .
    plz contact me on [email protected] to know the trooth .
    thnaks …

  6. vampire101 says: February 16, 200910:19 pm

    we are real not mentally ill i no over 50 people who are not homosexual yet drink blood we like to keep to ouur selves so dont reply

  7. shelly says: October 18, 20098:29 pm

    this is not true im a vamp and i love guys. people have to stop being sterotypes i hate when people think that

  8. Seker says: March 12, 201010:58 pm

    I wanna turn into a vampire, pleasse….. how?

  9. Nyxandri says: April 28, 20102:04 am

    …you’re sure that was supposed to say sucking *blood*?

  10. Kevin Zabbo says: June 5, 201010:46 pm

    I’m bisexual. Yeah, I did men and women, some call me greedy. “Be bi on Friday and double your chances for a date.” I love blood, too. I’m a bisexual vampire. Loving blood hasn’t got anything to do with sexual polarity, ya dumb shrinks! It has to do with loving blood, which is found in BOTH sexes, or did ya fail physiology 101? Psychiatrists can be such idiots!

  11. Firebrand38 says: June 6, 20109:26 am
  12. annamaria xlollyx says: September 30, 201011:27 pm

    hey is this page with all this vamp and bisexual and all this sick things you say…anw is this all true…wha is this all about true or justa another fuckin fake page???

  13. Firebrand38 says: October 1, 20105:16 am

    annamaria xlollyx: What other “fake…pages” have you found on this blog?

  14. jayessell says: October 1, 20108:59 am

    It takes all kinds, I suppose, but that’s an unfortunate kink
    to have in the 21st century.

    At least the Furries are harmless,
    as far as I know.

  15. Firebrand38 says: October 1, 20109:59 am

    jayessell: “Furries are harmless”

    Except to each other

  16. Giof says: October 5, 20101:34 am

    Ugh, being a vampire doesnt mean you have a blood fetish. I know a couple of vamps out there that actually don’t like blood but they need it. And I’m not gay but homosexuality isn’t a bad thing fyi.

  17. Firebrand38 says: October 5, 20105:38 am

    Giof: You’re right. Since they need blood to live instead of vampires we could call them mosquitoes or leeches. Yeah, they need it all right…

  18. jayessell says: October 5, 20109:02 am


  19. pornika says: February 26, 20114:28 am

    hi…i knw dis is not a fake page bt i cnt believe dis?in 21st century we r tokin abt vampires n later on u’ll tok abt dinosaures..gawd!!u all are tell me one thing do they survive???plz ans on ma question as u’r running a page

  20. Axcel says: June 26, 201110:10 pm

    R u kidding me. Vampires!! & dat 2 in the 21st centuri?? No bloody ways.. Jst stop giving these fake comments.

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