Vanishing Microphone lets the starts shine (Jan, 1951)

I’m really not sure how this microphone is supposed to vanish. Is it just small? Or made of lucite? Or does it come with skins so you can match an outfit? Or is it really some sort of super sophisticated active camoflauge system the military developed to hide…. um…. microphones?

Vanishing Microphone lets the starts shine

Now you see it, now you don’t!
RCA’s new “vanishing microphone” is plainly visible when standing alone—but let a television performer stand before it and it seems to disappear.

Called the “Starmaker,” this RCA microphone is little larger than a big fountain pen . . . and principles of modern camouflage design blend it with an artist’s clothing. There’s no clumsy “mike” to distract your attention
from the artist —and it’s also a superbly sensitive instrument.

Through research carried out at RCA Laboratories, the “Starmaker” microphone picks up sound from all directions—hears and transmits every sound the human ear can detect. It’s not only small and almost invisible, but it’s also one of the most efficient microphones
ever devised.

See the latest wonders of radio, television, and electronics at RCA Exhibition Hall, 36 West 49th Street, N. Y. Admission is free. “Radio Corporation of America, RCA Building, Radio City, New York 20, New York.

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