Vari-Typer: Hundreds of Changeable PRINT STYLE TYPES (Dec, 1954)

Hundreds of Changeable PRINT STYLE TYPES

Produce your own type for forms, direct-mail literature, catalogs, booklets, etc., in a variety of attractive type styles, all by your office typist.



Mathematical types for formulae and equations, foreign languages, special symbols and other type styles used in scientific work are among the hundreds of fonts. Changes are instant, and can be made in the middle of a sentence. Vari-Typer’s universal keyboard permits you or your secretary to operate it with ease. Coupon will bring details.

720 Frelinghuysen Ave., Newark 5, N.J.

Please send me Vari-Typer Booklet M-21

  1. Toronto says: October 5, 201212:50 pm

    More info here:…

    (Terrible company name, by the way. Poor Ralph.)

  2. Stephen says: October 6, 20125:42 am

    if I remember rightly, J. R. R. Tolkein wrote “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” on one of these machines. He needed it at home because as a linguist he had to have access to various obscure characters. It also had the facility to type in italics, which wasn’t common on mechanical typewriters!

  3. Anton says: October 8, 20125:32 am

    I was familiar with a version that came out a decade later commonly called veritype for producing photo ready copy in publishing books and goverment directives. It additionally justified the spacing of characters. The typist had to type each line twice for the machine to produce the finished postive type prior to cuting, pasting and photographing. The nagatives were then touched up prior to producing final master positives. Top quality printing for those days at reasonable cost.

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