Veteran Boston Detective Has This Unique Clock (Jan, 1929)

Veteran Boston Detective Has This Unique Clock

MORRIS WOLF, a veteran detective of the Boston, Mass., police force, received a very strange time-keeper on his 68th birthday. Detective Wolf was presented with a clock of many faces by his children. This clock contains, in place of figures, the photo likenesses of his twelve grandchildren. This gift is a very fitting reminder by which the head of this large family can always receive the message of love that it conveys. The leather case in which it is bound is hand embossed and makes the face stand out very clearly. The faces are raised and each one stands out from the surface in a very life-like manner.

Mr. Wolf’s unique clock adorns the desk that has been his place for over 30 years and there it pays him honor every minute.

  1. Firebrand38 says: January 3, 20119:13 am

    Wonder if the family still has the clock? More on Detective Wolf here

  2. Anne says: January 9, 20117:02 am

    This was news? Now I can go get this kind of thing from CafePress. 😉

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