Vibrating Curling Iron Waves Any Kind of Hair (Apr, 1940)

Vibrating Curling Iron Waves Any Kind of Hair

Successful results are said to be assured in curling dry, oily, straight, kinky, or practically any other type of hair, with a new-waving machine just introduced. Powered by electricity, the device employs a vibrating curling iron that can be regulated to four different heats so that the proper temperature can be obtained for any type of hair. No lotions and no hair drier are needed in waving hair with the new machine.

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  1. It’s Hair Raising! | High Plains Museum says: December 5, 20132:27 pm

    […] 1920’s with the Gibson Girls, and continued to be popular for hair until the 1940’s.  Click here to see an ad from the 1940’s advertising a curling […]

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