Walking on Water Is Simple Feat With Small Balloon (Feb, 1931)

Walking on Water Is Simple Feat With Small Balloon
USING a balloon delicately adjusted so that his weight was practically counterbalanced. Herbert McFall recently gave a demonstration of his ability to walk on water in the lagoons at Venice, California. Effect of the balloon is to counteract the pull of gravity for its pilot so that he can leap scores of feet into the air with the greatest ease, in much the same fashion that a man on the moon could jump forty or fifty feet without effort. In inflating such balloons, care must be taken to make sure that the pilot’s weight will be slightly greater than the lifting capacity, otherwise when he leaped into the air he wouldn’t come down unless he released some of the hydrogen gas.

  1. Repack Rider says: October 5, 200812:58 am

    What a practical solution to…

    Wait. What was the problem?

  2. Pat Darnell and Friends says: October 5, 20083:01 pm

    Maybe the problem is Lagoons… no?

  3. Mike says: October 5, 20084:57 pm

    I am glad they simplified the problem.

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