Walking the Dog Drives Poochmobile (Nov, 1939)

The caption is funny too: “Z. Wiggs out for a spin in his pooch-mobile. “
The guy’s name is Z. Wiggs, but when I read it I thought the dog’s name was Z and he was wigging out for a ride. I like my interpretation better.

Walking the Dog Drives Poochmobile
DOG power drives an odd vehicle constructed by Z. Wiggs, eighty-year-old dog trainer and former railroad worker of Denton, Tex. Operating on the squirrel-cage principle, the dogmobile has a giant central wheel which is revolved as a dog walks or
runs on its inside surface. The four-legged canine engine is anchored to a central shaft by a special collar. Power is transmitted to rear drive wheels by means of a belt-and-pulley mechanism which the driver controls by a “gearshift” lever.

  1. MAKE: Blog says: July 12, 200611:48 am

    Walking the dog – with a poochmobile…

    Dog powered vehicle – Popular Science 1939 – Link…….

  2. Stannous says: July 12, 20066:15 pm

    Quick, to the PETA Time Machine!

  3. sethjones.net says: July 13, 20067:02 am


    From a 1939 issue of Popular Science magazine (click picture for a larger version).  Good thing PETA wasn’t established yet.  Bet it could break the sound barrier if a USPS mail truck was in front of it.


  4. huh says: July 14, 20085:36 am

    This is just messed up. Why not just take the dog and burn the poor thing alive too?

  5. philippe says: April 21, 20145:15 am

    A very similar machine had already been invented in France in 1875 by a Parisian, Mr. Belvallette. He had also created a paddle boat moving thanks to 2 dogs.

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