WAR IN TOYLAND (May, 1945)

WAR IN TOYLAND. German raiders who venture to make a landing on the Kentish coast of England will get a warm reception from this miniature armored train. Behind a puffing pint-size locomotive it patrols the narrow-gauge line of the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railroad, which in peacetime carried bank-holiday pleasure-seekers to coast resorts for a bit of sea air. Crouching in the tiny armored cars, British Tommies man machine guns, eager to pot any Jerry wot shows ‘is bloomin’ fyce.

  1. repsac says: October 20, 200710:43 am

    Supposedly, this thing managed to even shoot down a german plane in WW2. A BF109 to boot!

  2. Junior says: April 10, 20089:12 am

    Apparently the pilot mistook the train for a full scale one and misjudged his strafing run.

    He was able to bail out and was captured.

  3. Odon says: July 2, 20111:37 am

    Now as long as the Germans invade using small soldiers…

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