Washer in a Kitchen Table Needs No Storage Space (Aug, 1939)

Washer in a Kitchen Table Needs No Storage Space
The problem of storing a full size electric washer in apartments is solved by combining it with a table that gives daily service in the kitchen. Occupying a space twenty-four by forty inches, the machine is complete with wringer and built-in rinse and wash tubs. It is finished in oven-baked white enamel and has a stainless porcelain top which is removable and hangs at the side when the washer is used. Seven and one-half pounds of dry clothes is its capacity. A pump to drain the tubs into the sink can be obtained if desired.

  1. katey says: November 13, 200811:48 pm

    Luckily, shortly thereafter Laundromats were invented.

  2. Al Bear says: November 14, 200811:22 am


    No matter how cumbersome this thing is, I’d rather have it in my house than go to the coin laundry. Seriously.

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