Weather Will NEVER Wear Them Out (Feb, 1929)

“We guarantee our shingles will last longer than you will!”

Weather Will NEVER Wear Them Out


YOU can truthfully call your roof everlasting if it is made of Johns-Manville Rigid Asbestos Shingles. Unburnable Asbestos and Portland Cement are blended under terrific pressure into rigid monolithic stone shingles.

These sturdy Shingles can never wear out—they never burn, rot, rust or warp, and their beautiful colors are as lasting as Asbestos itself.

Tests Prove Age Adds StrengthThe only effect of weather on J-M Asbestos Shingles is to make them harder and stronger. Actual tests such as those recently made by the Southern Testing Laboratories at Jacksonville, Florida, prove that 16-year-old J-M Asbestos Shingles are actually 10% stronger today than when they were laid on the roof!

Fireproof Beauty for All TimeThe right roof in color, texture and design will add enduring charm to any home. The wrong roof mars its beauty and decreases its value.

The wide range of colors, styles and textures offered by J-M Asbestos Shingles have been designed under the direction of a committee of prominent architects to insure an amazing number of color combinations, all in good taste, to meet the diverse demands of any type of house and every budget.

Write for a Free EstimateLet us show you how little it will cost to roof your house for the last time with J-M Asbestos Shingles.

Just fill out the coupon and mail it to the nearest office listed below— our local representative will gladly make a free inspection of your roof and furnish a free estimate to you without obligation.

Send for the New Book of Roofs — in it you will find the right roof for your home.

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  1. Tracy B says: October 30, 20091:22 pm

    I wonder how many Johns-Manville employees got cancer…….

  2. Firebrand38 says: October 30, 20091:49 pm

    Tracy B: There were 600,000 claimants in the lawsuit that was settled http://www.insurancejou……

  3. Charlene says: October 30, 20092:32 pm

    Long-term asbestos exposure doesn’t always result in cancer. Asbestosis is also disabling and painful. My father had to retire at 50 on full pension from the federal government (Canada) – one of his jobs as a boiler operator was to apply and remove asbestos insulation from boilers.

  4. blueferretdog says: October 31, 200910:20 am

    When people knew asbestos was harmful is an open question, I am not aware of a credible date, I can tell you that I had raw asbestos in my mineral collection as a boy in the 60’s and I handled, sold and cut asbestos products in the late 70’s with no clue that they were harmful in any way as a part of the building trades. I just hope that the exposure I had was minimal enough as there are no established “safe” levels. We now advise homeowners that nothing happens until they contract with a professional abatement company when we encounter it. In its day it was a miracle material, too bad it had such a downside. There is lots of it still out in the world in old appliances cars, houses ext.

  5. Tracy B says: October 31, 20093:06 pm

    The state mineral of California is serpentine, which is full of asbestos. Very ironic, when you consider the amount of treehuggers in the local governments. However at the time it wasn’t was well known that certain naturally minerals could be toxic if handled. Asbestos is just one; minerals containing mercury such as vermilion which was used as a pigment for paint is very poisonous. I’m glad we got the lead out of motor vehicle fuel.

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