What a way to run a “monopoly!” (Jul, 1976)

So, how many of these are left?

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What a way to run a “monopoly!”

You’re looking at some of the brands and names of companies that sell gasoline. Some people say oil companies are a monopoly. If so, it’s the world’s most inept “monopoly.”

This “monopoly” is so inept that it offers the world’s richest country some of the world’s most inexpensive gasoline.

This “monopoly” is so inept that it lets everybody and his brother horn in on the action. Did you know that of the thousands of American oil companies, none has larger than an 8.5% share of the national gasoline market?

In fact, this “monopoly” is so inept that you probably wouldn’t recognize that it is a monopoly because it looks so much like a competitive marketing system.

People who call us a monopoly obviously don’t know what they’re talking about.

Union Oil Company of California
Los Angeles. California 90017

  1. Anton says: December 7, 20115:32 am

    Sure for retail outlet stations (“sell gasoline”) at that time. Production was and is a different “mix”. This company introduced 76 octane gasoline in 1932 but kept “76” as a logo when octane ratings increased.

  2. JMyint says: December 7, 20117:20 am

    Outside of North America and Europe the majority of the petroleum production companies are government owned.

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