Ad: WHAT DOES YOUR DAD DO? (Sep, 1955)

There are ICS ads in virtually every magazine I own; from the 30’s up to the 80’s. Over that time they used just about every technique imaginable to try and coax men into enrolling. This ad uses one of their favorite methods: humiliation. But not just any humiliation. No, they have to bring your kids into it. Telling a man his son is ashamed of him, so he better sign up for correspondence school is pretty low, even for ICS.

When the other kids ask…


How does your boy answer them?

Sure … you’re his hero. You know that. But sometimes it can get kinda tough if the other kids don’t seem to understand about the “old man.”
It’s not that you like to be chained to the same old job. Maybe you just had to leave school too soon. Maybe the war interfered. Anyway, here you are, stuck because you just don’t have enough formal training.

Well, Mister, You Can Still Make the Grade!
It isn’t easy. You’ve got to have grit and determination and the will to succeed. As long as you have these, I.C.S. can put you on the road to real prestige, advancement and security. Your family can really be proud of you!

Spare-time I.C.S. Study Pays Off!
I.C.S. gives you practical, dollars-and-sense training — the kind that pays off. You choose from 277 courses. You get personalized, sympathetic guidance. You advance as rapidly as your time and ability permit. Does it work? Thomas Dyke was a coal miner with no high school education. He studied with I.C.S., worked his way up to licensed engineer. Today, his income is above the average for college trained engineers. And this kind of training can work for you!


BOOK No. 1 – “How to Succeed.” A gold mine of helpful job tips*
BOOK No. 2 — An outline of job opportunities in the field that interests you most.
BOOK No. 3-A sample I.C.S. (math) lesson text that shows you the I.C.S. clear, step-by-step teaching method. Send the coupon today—no obligation!
For Real Job Security—Get an I, C. S. Diploma! I. C. S., Scranton 9, Penna.

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