Some of these questions are really bizzare. Why would one assume that a fear of peeing in public means you’re gay? And what’s with #3?

“It is possible for a woman to enjoy satisfactory sex relations after surgical removal of her clitoris.”

How is that at all helpful? It’s possible for you to have half your brain removed and have no real impairments. It’s just not terribly likely.


BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.

A score of less than 50 indicates inadequate knowledge; 50 to 60 equals good; 70 or 80 equals excellent; 90 or above equals unusually superior.

1. No marriage can succeed if the wife does not achieve orgasm in almost every act of intercourse.
2. During sex relations, the heart is affected only by the physical activity.
3. It is possible for a woman to enjoy satisfactory sex relations after surgical removal of her clitoris.
4. Men who are afraid to urinate in public toilets are not necessarily homosexual.
5. Almost any inflammation of the pelvic organs can cause a woman to become sterile.
6. The fastest test for pregnancy is the so-called “rabbit test.
7. It is possible to collect and store male sperm safely and permanently.
8. Women are more responsive sexually at the time of ovulation.
9. Parents should begin their children’s sex education at puberty.
10. Homosexual acts can spread venereal disease.


1. false – Many women can enjoy sexual intercourse without a specific climax.
2. false – The emotional and psychological tension surrounding sexual activity has a powerful effect on the heart.
3. true – The nerve fibers responsible for sexual sensation can still function after removal of the clitoris.
4. true – Such fears can arise from many kinds of tensions.
5. true – Infections can cause blocking of the fallopian tubes or cervix. 6. false – Animal tests for pregnancy require a waiting period. Others do not.
7. true – Male sperm can be (and is) stored safely and indefinitely by deep-freezing.
8. false – If anything, studies show that women are more responsive around their menstrual period.
9. false – Sex education should begin as soon as the child is old enough to ask questions.
10. true – Any intimacy, especially if it involves mucous membranes, can spread venereal disease.

  1. Charlene says: July 21, 20107:47 am

    At this point in time it was thought that women’s pleasure in sex was mainly emotional, so orgasm didn’t really matter – for her. Keep in mind, though, that a lot of women at this point in time didn’t even know that women could have orgasms – if all you think you can ever get out of sex is some closeness, you’ll consider that “satisfaction” even if you never have an orgasm.

  2. Steve Smith says: July 23, 20108:12 pm

    amazing that we now understand the clitoris is beneficial but we still far too often deny the foreskin and all of it’s nerve endings as well as function of the gliding foreskin are quite beneficial

  3. Firebrand38 says: July 23, 20108:47 pm

    Steve Smith: Yeah, just amazing (I suppose)
    It’s a good thing that you can’t post pictures on this blog.

  4. Arglebarglefarglegleep says: July 24, 20103:43 pm

    And this was after doctors inventing electric devices to save them the labor of manually treating ‘hysteria’. Check out the history of it. It’s really amusing.

  5. Fred S says: July 29, 20109:02 am

    Wow! I’m a super genius at a 1964 sex test! 100 S.Q.!

  6. Hi says: September 19, 20104:41 pm

    Who cares. Life is worse now.

  7. Firebrand38 says: September 19, 20104:45 pm

    Hi: Wow and you chose to write that in the Sexual Quotient post. It must suck to be you (and not in a good way!).

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