BY taking this test, you can measure your sex knowledge. Check whether the answer to each statement should be True or False. Compare your answers with the correct answers below. Give yourself 10 points for each correct answer and add the results. Your final score is your S.Q.

A score of less than 50 indicates inadequate knowledge; 50 to 60 equals good; 70 or 80 equals excellent; 90 or above equals unusually superior.

1. Children who engage in sex play with each other show signs of abnormality.
2. The best cure for a shy young man worried abaut his sexual ability is marriage.
3. Some erections are not part of a sexual response.
4. Male sex hormones affect female sex desire.
5. “Mongoloid” idiots are the result of the mother’s exposure to X-rays during pregnancy.
6. Withdrawal (coitus interruptus) is a very common form of birth control. 7. In most cases the testicle descends to the scrotum while the fetus is still in the womb.
8. Women who are overly hairy are not completely feminine.
9. The ovaries are completely useless after the menopause.
10. It is probable that a decline has taken place in recent years in the number of frigid women.


1. false Children’s sex games are a normal manifestation of sex curiosity.
2. false Marriage is never a “cure,” especially for an individual with emotional or sexual problems.
3. true Some erections in children can be caused by tension and restlessness; others by disorders of the prostate or urethra.
4. true Females also produce male hormone, which increases sex desire.
5. false The birth of a “mongoloid” child results from the unexplained existence of an extra body chromosome in the mother’s egg.
6. true Withdrawal of the penis from the vagina before ejaculation is a widely used though imperfect birth control practice.
7. true The testicle usually descends late in pregnancy 8. false Many normally feminine women are hirsute for hereditary reasons.
9. false It is believed that the ovaries continue to produce varying quantities of estrogen after the menopause.
10. true Prominent gynecologists report a “sharp decrease” in the number of frigid women in the last 35 years.

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  1. Timaay says: September 5, 20123:07 am

    1964 and they were still calling them “Mongoloid idiots”. Wow
    Also, if you read through the other Sex Quotient articles listed above it is interesting to note the further you go back in time the more naive and strange the questions are.

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