What matters bad weather when Radio entertains. (Apr, 1923)

What matters bad weather when Radio entertains.

RADIO’S “every-hour-every-where” broadcast schedule is the most stupendous organization of the means of entertainment the world has ever witnessed.

So responsive have people been to the opportunity of enjoying these programs at their best that Magnavox equipment has become synonymous with the full enjoyment of radio music and speech for an ever-greater circle of satisfied users.

Magnavox prices are the result of Magnavox quality IN the long run, the price of the really successful and satisfactory product is set by the purchaser—not by the maker or the dealer.

Because when the manufacturer and dealer charge too much for a product, they destroy its market; and when they charge too little they destroy its quality—which results in the same thing—loss of market.

Magnavox Radio products are of the highest quality—and their prices bring them within reach of every serious radio user.

R2-18 Magnavox Radio
(With 18-inch horn)
This instrument is intended for those who wish the utmost in amplifying power; for clubs, hotels, dance halls, large audiences, etc. It requires only .6 of an ampere for the field.
Price $60.00.

R3-14 Magnavox Radio
(With 14-inch horn)
As illustrated The ideal instrument for use in homes, offices, amateur stations, etc. Same in principle and construction as Type R-2.
Price $35.00.

AC Magnavox Power Amplifier.
As illustrated.
For use with the Magnavox Radio and insures getting the largest possible power input.
2-stage, $55.00.
3-stage, $75.00.

Magnavox Radio, can be used with any receiving set of good quality. Ask your dealer to demonstrate it with the Magnavox Power Amplifier, as illustrated. This combination produces the most satisfactory results.

Magnavox Products can be had from good dealers everywhere. Our interesting new booklet will be sent on request.

The Magnavox Co., Oakland, California.
New York: 370 Seventh Avenue.

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  1. DocScience says: October 26, 201211:47 am

    Inflation corrected, that 1923 $60 radio would cost $811 today.

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