What’s New in AVIATION (Feb, 1947)

What’s New in AVIATION

P-51 GETS A BOOST. When the Army recently experimented on a Mustang fighter (above), it installed two ram-let engines on its wing tips. The jets don’t start working until the P-51 hits 350 m.p.h.

RESCUE PLANE. The amphibian XJL-1 (above) was built by Columbia Aircraft for Navy search and rescue work. It has a 1,435-hp. engine and jet assistance for take-offs. Top speed: 200 m.p.h.

BY ROAD OR AIR. This “Airphibian,” designed by Robert Fulton, Jr., has flown 120 m.p.h, and passed a 4,000-mile road test. As an auto, the engine and cockpit are unhooked as a unit and driven away.

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