WHEELED SHIELD (below) for Detroit cops protects men in blue against rioters and gunmen. Police fire through the portholes.

FLATFOOT VERSION of 65-lb. armored plate protector has spotlight on top, leggings. Portholes are made of bulletproof glass.

  1. Roflcopter says: January 16, 20083:36 am

    No comment to the guy at left, he is overpowered 😉 but why must the guy on the left crouch behind the “wheeled shield”… ouch my back…

  2. mrchurchill109 says: January 16, 20084:04 am

    It’s a prehistoric Dalek! Davros would be proud…. 🙂

    (Pardon the obscure Doctor Who reference…)

  3. mdhatter says: January 16, 20082:29 pm

    Exterminate! – Exterminate! – Exterminate!!!!!

    (see comment #2)

  4. JeffK says: January 16, 20086:15 pm

    Interesting in a couple of ways.

    Detroit had riots in the following decade & the cops wore more practical gear.

    And fictional Robocop is a Detroit policeman.

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