When lovely women vote (Oct, 1932)

When lovely women vote

To thousands of women of this type — charming, educated, well-to-do, prominent in the social and civic life of her city, we put this question: What tooth paste do you use?

To our delight, the majority answered Listerine Tooth Paste. Certainly to women of means, the price of 25c could not possibly have been a factor in deciding upon a tooth paste. Obviously, the quality of the dentifrice itself and the brilliant results it accomplished were responsible for their choice.

Won’t you try Listerine Tooth Paste? See how thoroughly it cleans. How swiftly it erases blemishes and discolorations. How gleaming white it leaves the teeth. How it refreshes the mouth and sweetens the breath. Bear in mind, incidentally, that it costs you but half of what you would ordinarily pay for tooth paste of equal quality.

Lambert Pharmacal Co., St. Louis, Mo.
LISTERINE TOOTH PASTE the quality dentifrice at 25c

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  1. Tre says: August 10, 201112:02 am

    This is a really interesting ad! It’s for toothpaste, and yet the woman is not even smiling, let alone showing her teeth. Also, they refer to tooth pastes of “equal quality” costing twice as much, when you’d expect them to say that no competitor has a comparable product. How the ad game (and ad laws) have changed…

    I also wonder why Listerine stopped making toothpaste. Google time.

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