Windows in Builders’ Fence Permit Public to Watch (Aug, 1938)

This would be cool. When I was a kid, I loved looking through the cracks in the wall to watch the construction on new buildings.

Windows in Builders’ Fence Permit Public to Watch
Recognizing the interest which the public takes in watching others work, a construction company built windows into the fence around the job on which its employes were working recently. The windows permit passers-by to watch, in complete safety.

  1. cATFLAP says: April 5, 20083:55 am

    We still have viewing ‘windows’ now (here in UK). They are normally just a square cutout with a wire mesh instead of glazing in the panels around the construction sites. I still have to have a nosey as do many even tho i’m late 30’s and have kids of my own who like to view. 😀

  2. David Moisan says: April 5, 20083:14 pm

    Some fences in Boston’s Big Dig project had round holes for the same purpose.

  3. Blurgle says: April 5, 20083:27 pm

    I’ve never seen glazed windows, but every construction site I walk by on my way to the supermarket (there are about fourteen) has at least one hole cut out (covered by mesh, as cATFLAP says) so people can look in. Some have one at adult height and one at kid height.

    I suppose it beats having somebody try to scale the fence (and injuring themselves in the process) to take a look.

  4. Randy says: April 5, 200811:36 pm

    That looks a lot like a set from the movie “The Fountainhead”.

  5. Blurgle says: April 6, 20085:48 pm

    Anyone else notice the two women (or at least the two persons wearing skirts and high heels) standing with their arms wrapped around each other?

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