Woman Invents Dimple Machine (Oct, 1936)

Woman Invents Dimple Machine

DIMPLES are now made to order! These aids to beauty can be produced as the result of a new invention
by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester, N. Y. The device consists of a face-fitting spring carrying two tiny knobs which press into the cheeks.

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  2. Jayne says: December 24, 200711:57 pm

    how depressing…yet amusing

  3. Masina de gropite | Sheepses says: May 13, 20083:34 am

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  4. ieBrazil says: June 10, 20082:49 am

    I just LOVE people which have dimples on the cheek

    They’re lovely!


  5. Stace says: July 24, 20082:56 pm

    Sophie has cute dimples 😛

  6. Soph The Dimple Meister says: July 24, 20083:01 pm

    I have dimples….

    And no they ain’t all that great….

    Not when you get people pullin at them and callin you cute!

    Least they get the attention from grannies!

    Mmmm wrinkly faff!

    Love you Stace



  7. Stace says: July 24, 20083:03 pm

    Haaaaaaaaaa see.. how cute was that 😛 xx

  8. violet says: October 29, 20087:54 am

    where do i buy this dimple machine from???

  9. Mark says: March 29, 20094:29 pm

    As Morbo might say, “Dimples do not work that way!”

  10. t6tooooo6h says: April 25, 20091:21 pm

    I love it,i have a slaller !

  11. Uhh... says: June 20, 20099:06 pm

    Cool, now you’ll have dimples — but you’ll look like a freak with that thing on your face!
    Congrats! xD

  12. Sylphadora says: June 22, 20099:59 am

    Does anyone really believe that that thing can create dimple’s on one’s cheeks?? XD

  13. irantzu says: June 23, 20097:02 am

    geez.. dun ever know there’s such thing.. does it works??=_=
    nyway, people with dimples naturally are cute!!

  14. helen says: July 17, 200910:52 pm

    i want dimples so baddd! i’d actually walk around with that on

  15. Crystal says: July 23, 200911:40 am

    Kindly let me know where i can buy , i mean the add. for buying the woman invent machine for cheeks dimples by Isabella Gilbert of Rochester NY.


  16. Firebrand38 says: July 23, 200911:54 am

    Crystal, the first thing that you need is a calendar since this article is from 1936.

    Understanding that this doesn’t work and that you need to go to a plastic surgeon to create permanent dimples here is the patent to build your own


  17. Roxxi says: July 30, 200912:13 am

    Well some people (me plus thousands) arent lucky enough to be born with dimples. I have wanted dimples since i was old enough to want. I actually found doctors (qualified) that perform the surgery. Unfortunatly… There in Shanghi yes as in the continent of Asia. I live in North America theres no way i could ever go to Shanghi. *sigh*

  18. Firebrand38 says: July 30, 200910:33 am

    How about Texas? Try looking here http://www.youtube.com/…

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  20. LuKaStOkA says: September 30, 20099:19 pm

    I have natural dimples and I’m really happy coz I have such a beauty mark they show up when I smile a big smile :’D I think this invention is not good cos it will be fake to have them when you are born without them

  21. Clementina De Souza says: December 21, 20092:40 pm

    Pl let me know the address from where the dimple machine can be bought?

    Does it really work and how long does it take to get results?

    Is it painful?

    What is the cost of the machine?

    May I pay by debit card. I live in London, U.K

    I am diabetic. Will it be any problem to use it. will it cause wounds, sores, etc?

    Your early reply will be highly appreciated.

  22. News and Galleries » Blog Archive says: March 3, 201012:11 pm

    […] the New York Herald. In 1936, a New York woman by the name of Isabella Gilbert even came up with a “dimple machine,” a wire frame that people strapped onto their face at night in order to wake up with a pair of […]

  23. ashanti says: May 13, 20107:14 pm

    I already have dimples but that is a cool way to get dimples. but like that other person said that does look freaky with those wires wraped around your face.

  24. Kelly says: March 4, 20113:59 pm

    I have dimples, and that wont work. Dimples occur when the muscle in your cheek is connected to your jaw bone. Thus creating a large dimple when you smile or talk. You can get surgery to get dimples, but its like $2000 per one. Only problem with dimples is if you break your jaw or the muscle disconnects itself, you can lose your dimples forever. 😀

  25. Jari says: March 4, 20117:27 pm

    I’d say that it works temporarily, akin like a keyboard face, if one happens to fell asleep while using a computer….

  26. Daniel says: May 17, 20113:34 pm

    Invented for fat people to look skinny but yet UGLY…!!!

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